The Best Water Filter For Your Home | A Quick Checklist

Checklist for Buying Best Water Filter

The Need of Water Filters/PurifiersIt’s unbelievable the kind of dangers that are lurking in our drinking water supply today. Untold amounts of chemicals, microbes, dirt and other contaminants can be found in it almost all over the country. The only protection you can have against them is to setup the best water filter available in the market.

That, however, is easier said than done. There are dozens of water filters, purifiers available in the market, many of which are not even capable of removing all types of impurities from water. This short checklist will help you navigate this minefield and make the best choice for your family –Check if your filter can remove Chlorine. This is a biggie. Common filters like RO and Distillers cannot remove this chemical so commonly found in our water supplies. This renders the “filtered” water given out by them to be unsafe for consumption.Checklist for Buying Best Water Filter

The Best Water Filter For Your Home Checklist

The best water filter will use cutting edge techniques like Sub Micron filtration to remove all chemicals like chlorine, pesticide traces and prescription drugs from the water supply. Water filter pitcher reviews will always be helpful in all cases. How about heavy metals?Your drinking water can contain heavy metals like lead and asbestos picked up from the old pipes of the distribution network. Most filter types should be able to handle them, but make sure to check for this before you finalize any filter.

Does it preserve the mineral content of water? RO filters can strip out all the minerals like Calcium and Magnesium from the water and make it acidic as a result. When you drink this de-mineralized water, it sucks out the calcium from your bones and makes them weak. Long term consumption of such water can also lead to mineral deficiencies in the body and cause many health problems. Quality purifiers won’t cause any such problems at all as they would be using latest techniques of filtration like Ion Exchange. It doesn’t affect the mineral content of water.

Does it provide all round protection to your home? Drinking it is only one aspect of water consumption in your home. You also bathe with water and use it in your appliances like the washer. The best water filter will make sure all the taps in your home provide you with pure water so that you’re not exposed to contaminants in any which way.

A whole house filter like the Rhino EQ-300 is what you need here. It can be setup at the point where the water supply connects to your home. It will purify the water at the point of entry itself. This will give you complete protection. It is much easier than installing separate water filters/purifiers in your kitchen and shower filters in every bathroom.

So there you have it. Just keep these checks in mind and you will be able to find the best water filter out there with ease.