Berkey Water Purifier Review of 2016

Best Berkey Water Purifier Review

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my family and because I care about their well being, I have taken the time to look into different water purifiers for our home. What I have found is that there are hundreds of products on the market and while some of them are a good investment, others aren’t going to be the best choice out there for you. One I recently looked into was the Berkey water purifier. This is a powerful system that I will take the moment to write up a review on to give you an overall idea of how it could potentially benefit you.

When you look at the Berkey water purifier system, it is a little different from some of the major purifiers on the market. While it has been shown to remove things like VOCs, parasites, mercury and even lead, you will still find that this system might not be the most effective solution for you.Best Berkey Water Purifier Review

Berkey Water Purifier Review

What you will find when you dig into it is that the system is one that uses gravity purification. This is the process of using micro porous surface to remove some of the impurities that are found in the water. Once it is done, the water is considered to be safer than if you were drinking plain tap water.

One of the major concerns I had with this system is the fact that the simple filter system doesn’t have the normal channels that most filtration systems have in place to clean the water. While you do end up with a degree of purification, it’s to be expected that the water could still potentially have impurities in it that could cause harm. Along with this, the Berkey water purification system is a standalone unit that you have to continue to fill with water. This meant that if someone forgets to fill it, there would be a delay before you could have some water.The Verdict

It is with all this in mind that I decided to recommend against this system as part of my Berkey water purifier review. While I did feel that there were some benefits to the use of this system, I really prefer to give my family a safer and more efficient water purifier system. That’s why I chose to go with the Aquasana filter. It offers a three part filtration system that you can connect directly to a sink or for the water that goes throughout your home.

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Overall, this is the direction I have personally decided to go with for my family. I like the idea of having cleaner water and a system that requires very little maintenance. After all, if you have children of your own, you know how difficult it can be to get them to agree to refill things when they become empty. More importantly, you will find that there is some peace of mind that ends up coming from knowing that the water coming from all the faucets in your home is clean and safe from some of the dangerous impurities that can often fill it.