Aquasure Water Purifier Review Guide | 2016

Aquasure Water Purifier Review

With the ever increasing number of pollutants present in tap water, having a water purifier is a must for every home now. The Aquasure water purifier is one of the choices you may come across when looking for a purifier. The question here is – is it really a good choice for your home?

I would like to talk on is that my research has found that the time spent dealing with this system is going to be a nightmare and because of that, I feel I need to touch more on it in this Aquasure water purifier review. Every couple of months you will need to replace the cartridges in this unit and that will be fairly standard for any water purifier you look at.

The problem is that you need to also be sure that you are regularly cleaning it several times a week to ensure that there isn’t any build up as this will cause the entire system to become faulty.

A smart water filter is as important as water Purifier. It can give better tasting and better noticing drinking water by evacuating chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, overwhelming metals and bacterial contaminants.

Aquasure Water Purifier Review

The Good about Aquasure water purifier

To begin this review, I feel it is important to touch on some of the positive elements that the Aquasure water purifier has going for it.

This is the fact that there are three removable cartridges that are designed to ensure that you have a system in place that will truly provide you with some of the best water you can find. This includes the upper filter that removes dirt and larger particles.

From here, the second filter that water goes through is the carbon cartridge. In this piece, chemicals and other impurities are removed. Finally, the resin cartridge finishes up purifying and getting it ready for you to safely consume it.

The Bad about Aquasure water purifier

While all this sounds good, you will find that on a regular basis, you will need to clean up each of these sections to ensure that the filter continues to work properly. More importantly, it also attaches to a single faucet and that means you are going to be stuck dealing with a single area to get the fresh water you are looking for.

When you consider that the water from your bathroom faucets and showers isn’t going to be on the same level it might cause a little concern on your part.

Since I like things to be as simple as possible, I quickly realized that this product wouldn’t be the best match for me. Instead, I was going to need to find a different solution for my water purifier needs. It is because of that that I chose to go with Aquasana purifiers.

I found that they are a cost effective solution that is easy to install and require very little maintenance. You can pick up choices that connect just to a faucet or serve the whole home. Best of all, it uses a proven three filter system to ensure that my family gets the safest water possible. Since that is my overall goal, I knew that the Aquasana water purifier was the right choice for me. I also believe it will be the best choice for most other people as well.